The influence of Germany on the world of Photography

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German photographers are known for their applaudable contributions to what the world is today. They are great achievers in photography making impacts around the world. They are visionary thus able to influence the world by providing more access to more images drawn from more places and times in the world than ever before. German photographers changed history, changed events and how people reacted to. They changed how history itself was made, recorded, stored, and retrieved.

Germans photographers have travelled far and wide even to the most difficult places in the world to take photographs. This is where photojournalism comes into play. If you want to patronize a photography company in Germany, you should read reviews of Wanapix and other German photography companies on You will be able to make an informed decision based on the experience of other Germans as they have written on the review platform. You will get to know the photography companies that are reliable and produce quality pictures on quality materials as well as those that are likely to disappoint you by not showing you or producing poor quality pictures.

In photojournalism, the curatorial statement will demonstrate how it has opened up a new field that became extremely influential in conveying social issues to the general public, the impacts it had on advertising and promotion, especially focusing on celebrities and the fashion industry, in addition to utilizing such manipulations as colour and digital imaging.

The emergence of German photographers photojournalism created new opportunities for photographers in general. These individuals were now able to travel virtually anywhere to document objects and events because camera equipment was now faster and portable. The most significant benefit of photojournalism was its ability to push for social change by illustrating the problems associated with society. In other words, photojournalism was the first medium to convey social issues to mass audiences through the use of news magazines and other publications. Many of these magazines focused on the victimization that war creates.

Two of the German photographers who have influenced the world:

1) Thomas Struth

Known for large format and precise, detached vision called Thomas Struth‘s style, Thomas Struth was a student of the Düsseldorf School of Photography. Struth’s earliest projects include serial images of empty streets in cities like Düsseldorf, Paris, New York and Tokyo. From the mid-1980s, Struth started taking large-scale portraits of families around the world, thus introducing the human element into his work for the first time.

2) Axel Hütte

While Andreas Gursky looked at man-made environments, Thomas Ruff made portraits, Thomas Struth observed museum crowds, and Candida Höfer captured empty social spaces, Axel Hütte turned to nature. The lesser-known of Düsseldorf School of Photography artists, but no less good, during the first part of his artistic exploration Hütte documented house interiors and urban landscapes. Later on, however, Hütte took to travelling and photographing glaciers, ponds, caves and fog-shrouded mountains. Far from being photographs of beautiful natural landscapes, Hütte’s images invite the viewer to reflect on the impenetrable, overwhelming mystery of nature.

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