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Janice K. Johnson

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art direction & Photography by Dana Tolesh. Video & 3D by Milko Marinov. Models are Asem, Ayan, Diana, Inkar, and Mukhammad. Styling & Makeup by Akhtemov Dilyar.

“I left Kazakhstan at 11 years of age, but I still carry some of my country’s spirit. I live in Vienna and my husband and I decided to visit my motherland. It was his first visit.

I thought that my journey back would be a perfect opportunity to show more people the unique qualities of my people and country. The location and idea immediately popped up in my mind. The models are dressed in national costumes, they’re an interpretation of the Kurak art. The vibrant colours are believed to protect the wearer from curses, hexes and bad luck. One of the main practices in this specific art style is to use pieces of cloth and other patches that were received as gifts at important events. Kurak is the art of delicate care towards the material and spiritual. This is the art of protection against bad forces and conservation of the national spirit. The hats are called Saukele – ancient Kazakh headwear. A wedding headdress is worn for the first time only after marriage, for about a year, and then it is taken off and put on only on big holidays.

My husband got inspired by “oyu-ornek” (Kazakh traditional ornaments) and now he even has a tattoo with one of oyu. I wanted to share the beauty and mystique of Kazakhstan and I hope I’ve sparked your interest by bringing you this little piece of my world”

Art direction & Photography by Dana Tolesh @bydanatolesh
Video & 3D by Milko Marinov @eye.vs.eye
Brands used are Asel Kenzhetaeva @asselkenzhe_art, Aida Kaumenova @aida_kaumenova_fashion
Styling & Makeup by Akhtemov Dilyar @kkdilyar
The model agency is Silence Model Management @silencemodels @silencemodelsmen
Casting Directors are Diana Shtukkert @di_shtukkert & Sultan Kultayev @sulioscout
Models are Asem @beanclaw, Ayan @ayanwizard, Diana @diiya.n, Inkar @urmomcara, Mukhammad
Retoucher is Alina Mikhailova @alinarte.retouch
Musician is YinYangMusic, YT: YinYangMusic69
Special Thank You: Aiman Tuleshova, Sholpan Dzhumagazieva, Chingis Ismail, Almas Kerimbek @qanaker


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