Ventura College Art Dept. Receives $50,000 Donation From Carnegie

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The Ventura College Art Department received a $50,000 endowment from Carnegie Art Cornerstones. The donation was coordinated by the Ventura College Foundation. The money will be used to establish a fund to provide support to the college’s visual arts gallery/exhibition program and to help foster the education and artistic growth of up and coming student artists.

“Providing a gallery exhibition experience for our students gives them the opportunity to be recognized for their talent and to build their artistic resume,” says Jesse Groves, Ventura College’s gallery director and curator. “Right now, there are minimal platforms for students to show their work. These exhibits also serve as a way to bring culture to the community.”

Student artists at Ventura College work in a variety of visual art forms including ceramics, sculpture, photography, painting and digital media. The endowment agreement allows the college the flexibility to decide how the exhibits will be organized and how students will be selected to participate. “We might have group shows, solo exhibits or both,” says Groves. “The endowment will enable the school to include more students and their work.”

Ventura College typically holds six to eight exhibits a year in the college’s main gallery space. “Young artists have the heart and energy but lack funds to express themselves artistically. A portion of the donation will go towards art supplies so students have what they need to create,” says Groves. “Funds will also be used to prepare the exhibits themselves. A lot goes into transforming student art to the gallery wall.”

“Carnegie Art Cornerstones is delighted that the Ventura College endowment will benefit students directly as well as the community,” says Amy Cherot, who is a board member for both the Ventura College Foundation and Carnegie Art Cornerstones.

“We’re grateful for the Carnegie Art Cornerstones’ generous donation,” says Kim Hoffmans, Ventura College president. “Art plays an important role in our culture and society. The endowment will help the next generation of local artists find their voice.”

In-person exhibits have had to be postponed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The endowment funds will be used once in-person gallery exhibits resume.

Ventura College Foundation

Established in 1983, the Ventura College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and operates financially independent from Ventura College. It transforms students’ lives through education by providing innovative and vital resources and financial support. The Foundation collaborates with Ventura College to enhance human potential, civic engagement, careers and academic success of students enabling their effective impact and legacy on the college, local workforce, and our community. The Foundation also hosts the Ventura College Foundation Marketplace; an outdoor shopping experience held every weekend on the Ventura College campus. For more information, contact Julie Harvey at (805) 289-6502 or [email protected] or visit

Carnegie Art Cornerstones

Carnegie Art Cornerstones received its 501(c)3 designation in 2002. Its mission is to promote creativity, learning and growth in the careers of artists, and to inspire passion and appreciation for arts and culture in Oxnard and Southern California. It invests in emerging artists primarily through college scholarships. With this support, students can create and share their work to inspire an appreciation for the arts without a financial burden. With financial resources, the board believes that artists can execute their vision and will be able to share their art with others.

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