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[bag thuds] [DDG exhales]

[bag zipper rattling]

All right, let’s get straight into it.

[urban hip hop beat]

What’s good, y’all?

It’s your boy, DDG.

You’re watching GQ.

On the Rocks.

This was my first piece.

It just say DDG.

It’s very, very heavy.

I paid $18,000 for it [cash register kerching]

Very, very expensive at the time.

We bought this in 2016.

Come over here,

I barely wear this because I be poking people.

And actually, I be, I stabbed myself a few times with this.

So, this is a very, very dangerous piece.

I actually, I couldn’t bring this in the club once.

That’s how dangerous this piece is.

It’s very, very, very sharp,

but I wear it for music videos.

But this was $10K. [cash register kerching]

Got it from Icebox.

I’m not going to lie, I just seen Lil Pump

with them on. [paper flipping]

But, he had the ones that was like

[paper flipping] all the way around his arm.

And I was going to get that.

And then I was messing around with it.

And every time I put my wrist down,

it like,

stabs the table or whatever.

So, I ended up getting this one

where it’s only spikes at the bottom.

So, it’s a little more comfortable.


I barely where it now.

[hip hop beat]

My favorite piece that I got here, I would say,

I will have to say this one.

I didn’t like it at first.

I’mma be honest with you.

I didn’t like it at first.

I thought it was just a little too bulky.

But the more that I wear it,

I feel like I just gotta style it a certain way.


I wanted to just get me like a big circle piece.

[paper flipping] Peter Marco made this one.

[paper flipping] So, you got,

Pontiac at the top, DDG in the middle.

Pontiac made DDG, reppin’ the city.

No cap.

This, was $50,000. [cash register kerching]

So, I paid $50,000,

and you got guettes in the middle right here.

You got diamonds on the side, right here.

You got diamonds on the side, right here.

Diamonds everywhere, it’s all flooded out.

I really only where this in music videos.

You’ll probably never seen me out in public

with this on.

Just because it shines a lot.

It’s doing too much.

And I feel like this is more so like a music video piece

rather than something that I wear everyday.

So, you know.

I pick and choose when I wanna wear it.

[old school hip hop beat]

Got this piece, right here.

It say DDG Squad.

I love my fans.

[paper flipping] Not even my fans.

They’re not my fans.

Am saying fans cause that’s simplified

for the people that don’t know me.

But, my family,

my squad.

So, I got this chain to represent them.

And I was been supposed to give it away

but I never gave it away.

But I spent four K on it.

[cash register kerching]

Got it from Icebox.

Got baguettes in the face.

One of my special people gon’ get it.

[hip hop beat]

All right ,we can go over to this one.

This piece right here.

Cool little choker chain.

Got a little spikes in it, sum’n different.

Krasman shit.

Paid $25,000 for her. [cash register kerching]

We gon’ come over here.

This is the big Cuban [chain clanking].

I done ran through a few Cubans in my jewelry career.

Um, am a cheap collector though, I ain’t going to lie.

Like I be trading [beep], you know.

I like to keep my money.

If I get bored of some jewelry,

and I don’t want it no more,

I ain’t gon’ keep it.

You know, i’ve traded in some,

I had like , two different Cubans.

And I was like,

I got a white Cuban and a Rose Cuban.

Why not just get one two-tone?

But this right here, [chains clanking]

$45,000. [cash register kerching]

Super heavy. I barely wear it,

but I usually put it on this chain actually.

Lemme do this.

I got this changed specifically for this.

But I also wear it by itself sometimes.

This was actually, [chains clanking]

This was actually a necklace that,

I mean, a chain that I had.

This was like a regular all white chain that I had.

And I cut it in half.

And I turned it into a bracelet.


A lot of these rivers be out here

spending extra money for nothing.

You know what I mean ?

Remember, I told you about that chain that I had

that I traded in? I lied.

I actually cut it in half and made two bracelets .

I don’t know where the other bracelet at.

But, it looks fire.

You would have never known unless I told you.

Tennis chains, you would think these wouldn’t cost a lot.

And I see a lot of fake Tennis chains.

You know what I mean ?

And it kinda discredits how much I paid for these.

And it kinda hit almost the same which is very sad.

It makes me feel like I should have bought the fake one.

But, I can’t wear fake jewelry.

So, that’s why I have to spend so much money.

Even back in the day, when I didn’t have money like that,

I couldn’t really wear jewelry because,

my neck would break out.

So, I got this right here.

$20k [cash register kerching]for this one Tennis chain.

[chains clanking]

Pointers is crazy, bangs in the light.

Definitely worth it.

This one right here.

Paid $15k for this. [cash register kerching]

Diamonds are smaller.

[chains clanking] Probably got finessed though.

Y’all comment below.

Did I get finessed or what ?

I don’t know.

[slow hip hop beat]

Rose gold pinky ring.

I probably haven’t worn this in like, five months

or something like that.

I spent five K on it. [cash register kerching]

Cool ring, got diamonds all around.

All around the sides.

Come right here.

Got this right here. [metals clanking]

Now, secret for y’all,

I got this on Ice Box, right ?

Cardio sells the same one, but they charge like $40,000.

You know what I mean ? For the same thing.

I get nice diamonds in, I get the white gold.

I spent $10k on that. [cash register kerching]

So. All right, this right here.

This is my grill.

This is another music video piece.

You’ll never see me wearing this.

It’s very, very uncomfortable.

I don’t like wearing grills.

Just for the simply fact that, you know, I,

secret, nobody knows this.

I haven’t told the world this.

I have veneers.

Nobody knows this, I’ve never told nobody this.

But I have veneers , so when I put this on there,

it’s kinda uncomfortable.

You know what I mean ?

So, I don’t really like wearing it.

But I wear it in music videos coz it shine as [beep].

Yeah I ain’t going to wear it.

Y’all not going to be able to hear me talk , so.

[instrumental hip hop beat]

Let’s get into the watches.

The watches is really my thing.

Am really into watches.

And I’ve been through a few of them.

But, this is what I have hear today.

I got this Rolex right here.

Got a little scratch in it.

I don’t really wear this.

And this is kinda like a red face.

It match red if I wear red,

just to add some pazaz to my outfit.

This was $30,000. [cash register kerching]

This is just a Datejust.

This is a Datejust Rolex.

It’s more of like a starter Rolex.

This plain you can probably get it for like eight K

or something like that, I don’t know.

$10K or something like that.

So, definitely up charge with the diamonds

but, it’s very, very nice.

It shines, it do what it gotta do.

And if I wear red, then, it ma
kes the outfit pop.

Come over here,

we got,

The Patek Philippe.

This is one of my favorite watches.

All white.

Paid $60,000 for it [cash register kerching].

I bought this on just a random day.

I always wanted a Patek.

I got all the other name brand watches

so, I always wanted one of this.

It ain’t shining too crazy in here

coz the light ain’t right though.

When I go outside, it blind people.

This is my most recent purchase.

This is a Royal Oak, AP, buss down, raised Bezel.

All around it.

I just got this.

It’s the chronograph.

I don’t really know too much about it.

And nothing like that,

but it cost $80,000. [cash register kerching]

So , that’s a lot of money that I done spent on this.

I’mma go ahead and put this.

Put that on right there.

This the big boy.

I think I’ma get more into these.

I’mma get some more like,

you know, popping watches.

And I feel like this is a man’s watch.

Diamonds bussin’, crazy.


And we gon’ come to the big bang.

This is one of my dumbest purchases.

But it’s kinda smart at the same time.

This watch looks like a G-shock.

You know. A lot of people

might look at this watch and be like,

you know, what is it ?

But if you look closely,

I don’t know if y’all got the zoom on it.

Look at this [beep].

See that little piece in there ?

I don’t know what the [beep] it is,

but I know it cost a lot.

That’s all I know.

[soft music] Look at it.

I don’t know what these two lines mean.

I don’t know nothing about this watch.

But I do know this,

hope your zoom working.

Your zoom button work on this part too.

Check it right here.

Yeah, right there.

It in the middle.

Can you read that ?

[Cameraman] Yep.

A limited edition.

You read that?

Limited Edition,

16 out of 100.

It’s only a hundred of these made in the world.

I got one of them.

I don’t know if I was supposed to show you

that serial number and all but I don’t care.

Um, but this is a Richard Mille.

Yohan Blake is the name of it.

It’s only a hundred of them.

And I got this one.

Aight, My ma said, when I got this watch was,

I wanted something less.

Not loud, but if I ran it to Bill Gates.

Now, if I ran it to a normal civilian,

they don’t know what I got on.

But if I ran it to Bill Gates,

or run it to anybody, anybody with money,

anybody that knows anything about Richard Milles,

It’s a statement.

You know what I mean ? It starts a conversation.

I bought this watch strictly just to have conversations

with people that I would like to talk to.

And I could learn from so.

$185,000 [cash register kerching]

is what I spent on this watch.

And it’s the least flashy one, so.

Just like that men.

I see other rappers,

I see they jewelry collection,

and I take a little bit of notes.

But am more of like, a watch guy.

Am more of like,

I wanna get to the point where am not

wearing diamonds anymore.

But am just doing this for now.

As a 23-year-old with millions of dollars.

And am just going with the flow, you know.

[funky hiphop beat]

Aight y’all, this your boy DDG, On the Rocks, GQ.

‘Preciate you tuning in.

Am out.

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