Who Should You Follow On Instagram?


The first step in maximizing how effective your Instagram account is to market your art, believe it or not, is following the right accounts.


By the way, this information is from a video about how to use Instagram properly to market art that was released for paid Sovereign Artist Club members. (This information will also be in the forthcoming Sovereign Artist book).


Following the right accounts (and not following the wrong ones) tells Instagram’s algorithm to put your account in the “art neighborhood” and helps you get recommended to people who are interested in art. Here’s who you should follow:


Brands that you use: for example, paint companies, brush companies, and other art supplies and services you personally use. These are great to follow because brands typically have strict standards and stick to the topic of art. So, by following them, you are teaching Instagram that you also stick to the topic of art.


Another great idea is to follow strong art galleries. It’s an added bonus if you follow strong galleries that represent work similar to yours, who have a really good following and good engagement on their pages.


You can also “mine” the accounts of big galleries who perform well and who share work like yours to find other artists who have works similar to yours, and follow them. Be sure the artists you follow also have strict standards on their page and stick to their art. It can’t be someone who’s sharing their lunch. It can’t be someone who’s sharing a selfie just randomly or their vacation.


And finally, follow any local galleries that you know of. Instagram also considers the geolocation of where you are and what businesses are near you in the physical world. Local galleries, especially those that represent work similar to yours, means that they have local collectors. And, most likely, that means local money. When you follow these galleries, it is likely that the algorithm is going to place you in similar circles to these accounts. And therefore, any collector who follows that particular gallery will likely have your page recommended to them. And maybe they’ll follow you too and buy some of your work. No matter where you are in the world, try to find local galleries. If there are no local galleries in your area, try to find galleries in the nearest large city that you could go to physically.


If you’ve followed a lot of accounts that don’t fit in related art categories, you should probably unfollow many of them to help refine the signals you send the Instagram algorithm. But don’t unfollow a whole bunch of accounts all at once, do it organically, a couple at a time. If you simply unfollow a whole bunch of accounts all at once Instagram may mistake your account for a bot and suspend you.


Until next time, please remember that Fortune Favors the Bold Brush.




Clint Watson

BoldBrush & FASO Founder / Art Fanatic


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