Instagram Growth | Deana Coveney | Episode 844


Deana Coveney | Episode 844

Deana Coveney is the artist at Vuvu Ceramics. Dena lives and works in Encinitas, California, a small beach town north of San Diego. Deana’s work captures the wonder we felt the first time we pressed a leaf into clay and combines it with the wonder we felt the first time we held a ladybug. Deana’s pieces are celebrations of the everyday garden, created in stoneware clay fired to cone 5/6.


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How often are you actually posting a reel?

Almost every day. One reel. I post once a day, in the morning usually and most often it’s a reel. I would say one out of twenty is a photo or something else that’s not a reel.

Is it important to have that kind of consistency, a daily post to gain traction?

I don’t think so. I mean I think when growing an account from zero, again I don’t know everything about Instagram, but if I were to start a new account I would post reels daily because reels have the potential unlike a regular post to get out in front of new people who haven’t seen you before. I see plenty of people who post once a week and seem to have an engaged audience and do perfectly well. But I really enjoy sharing it and as long as people want to see it and maybe if they don’t, I will keep posting. (laughter)

How much time are you devoting to creating a reel typically?

Well, as I work I will have my phone nearby and film a little bit here and a little bit there, because of course a piece from start to completion could be three weeks. I will film a little bit at each stage and once the piece is finished then I will go back and take little two or three second bits and to make the reel, it’s not very long. I would say it probably takes me about 15 minutes. And then I do usually write a long caption so maybe that is another five or ten minutes of writing.

Is the music choice critical, is it important?

Important to me or important to the success of the reel?

Yes, to the success of the reel.

To the success of the reel, I think it is important. Somewhat. For me, I look for music that fits the feeling of that video. So kind of after I piece it together I will start looking for music and seeing what’s there and what Instagram is recommending, or maybe I’ve saved things from other things I’ve seen. I try to match it to the mood of the video I made.

How does it impact traffic to your website? Have you seen your website gain traction also?

Absolutely. Yes. I would say Instagram has brought a lot of eyes to my website and now pretty much if I update my shop and make a little announcement on Instagram and I send out a newsletter and usually within about 15 minutes everything has sold out. And I am pretty sure almost all of the traffic is coming from Instagram. So Instagram has really helped put eyes on my website, Absolutely.

How does this translate into sales?

Basically whatever I am able to produce I am able to sell because of that visibility.

What would be your best Instagram reel tip?

Instagram reel tip: To not overthink it. I think a mistake would be to try and make a reel with the mindset of will this be successful and what is the strategy. I think just make something that you think is interesting and beautiful and that’s it. And don’t overthink it.


Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh


Instagram: @vuvu_ceramics


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