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Ben Cabral and Griffin Goodman offer up a duo exhibition diving into childhood memories, traumas and nostalgia through densely referenced imagery and history.  “Things that Go Bump in the Night” opens Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 at Moosey Norwich in Norwich, England.

Often humorous and sometimes unsettling, the show takes us back to our pre-teen bedrooms, the lights off, trying not to be scared of the commotion happening in the darkness. “We worked on the same size surfaces to bring cohesion to the show and dealt with similar themes that connect the work closely. This exhibition centers around childhood trauma, boyhood, our childhood bedrooms, and pop culture from when we were kids. Such experiences are behind the formation of the expression “things that go bump in the night,” which refers to ghosts or other supernatural beings that are believed to be the source of frightening, unexplainable noises heard at night,” Griffin Goodman tells us.

On his process for this exhibition Ben Cabral says, “in the early days of pandemic lockdown, due to limited studio and materials access at this time, I began painting with a monochrome palette. For this show I wanted to return to that way of making in an expanded way, and consider what can be accomplished with this more constrained approach. I utilized the visual language of children’s media – books, movies, tv shows, and video games – where scary things never actually pose a serious threat. I want to draw on the nostalgia of that cozy spooky feeling of reading with a flashlight under the covers, just a little too scared to sleep, but knowing everything is going to be alright.”




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