//richelleart.com/ is a content THIEF and I’m reporting all stolen posts to Google


I hesitate to publish anything on Making A Mark right now  as every single one of recent posts has been listed copied and stolen by the SCAMMER / THIEF website https://richelleart.com/

So I thought I’d given them something serious to post on their site. Like this post and the image (near bottom) of recent scam posts on their site which have been reported to Google

Hopefully Google is going to do its job properly – or I’ll have to start listing every single blog post which has been stolen to date and send a very long list to Google.

NB Start here if you have similar problems

I’ve had to switch comments off and put the blog on a short feed. It looks as if the posts are being scraped – and this is one way of proving that they are.

A close relative is also seriously ill and frankly I can do without all this right now – which is not to suggest that I’m not keeping a very close activity on this thief – because I am.

This site is also copying post from:

  • ARTnews.com
  • Gurney Journey
  • and others
Copyright and Google Search

It is our policy to respond to clear and specific notices of alleged copyright infringement. The form of notice we specify in our web form is consistent with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and provides a simple and efficient mechanism for copyright owners from countries/regions around the world. To initiate the process to delist content from Search results, a copyright owner who believes a URL points to infringing content sends us a takedown notice for that allegedly infringing material. When we receive a valid takedown notice, our teams carefully review it for completeness and check for other problems. If the notice is complete and we find no other issues, we delist the URL from Search results.

I’m in the report as an individual copyright owner who has successfully had copyright infringement of my content removed from the Google Index.

This is my latest set of requests


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