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Steppenwolf Theatre Company Continues Work on $50 Million Expansion Despite the Health Crisis


Steppenwolf Theatre Company has continued its efforts to build a $50 million expansion to their campus, despite the setbacks caused by the health crisis, Yahoo! News reports.

“It’s been really hard for us, we haven’t been able to bring in anything like the income we normally do so most of our teams have had to be furloughed during this period of time,” said Tom Pearl, director of production at Steppenwolf.

“We’re continuing our commitment to expanding our home, with the building that we started doing in 2019,” said executive director Brooke Flanagan.

“It’s going to be a very intimate space,” Pearl said. “No audience members will be more than six rows from the stage.”

He said that, when the pandemic is over, it will be great to have a small theatre of just 400 people being close together and close to the action on stage.

Flanagan said that they plan to open the new campus in late 2021.

Read more and watch the full report on Yahoo! News.

Steppenwolf operates as a not-for-profit organization relying on community support to produce or present up to 16 plays and nearly 700 performances, readings and other events every year on three stages. The theatre’s artistic and educational programs draw a multi-generational audience of nearly 200,000 from the greater metropolitan Chicago area, while our impact reaches well beyond this region with productions that tour nationally and internationally.

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