“Street View Road Trip” by Artist Alice Tye


Alice Tye (previously featured here) is a London-based illustrator and painter, represented by Jelly. With a degree in illustration from Camberwell College of Art, Tye has exhibited across London and has worked for numerous companies and publications, including Moët Hennessy, Expedia, and The Guardian. “Cinema and architecture have been huge inspirations for my work since I began my career,” she explains. “I often use the visual language of films in both my compositions as well as my colour palettes. I am interested in exploring the relationship between the world we see filtered through popular culture and the reality of that world. My work is also inspired by my travels, capturing my experiences of a place or a journey; I have painted numerous series based on trips to the USA and Japan.”

Beginning in Miami, and traveling through the southern United States before ending in Palm Desert, California, “Street View Road Trip” explores a variety of American landscapes through the lens of Google Street View. Depicting these scenes in the distorted perspective of the revolving camera, Tye’s paintings are both vivid and detailed, yet eerily still. She elaborates: “The streets are empty, a parked car sits outside a motel, a single car follows in the distance. The paintings capture the iconic American tropes—the cars, the motels, the wide roads, yet the scenes do not feel idealized or bombastic. They are simply single moments captured in a (virtual) trip.”

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