Sybaris Collection © | 5 Essential Apps For Every Art Collector

Janice K. Johnson

Being on line can make easier our knowledge about art. And if we are art collectors, we can find some tools to know more about somep pieces, prices, auctions and many more. Here are som apps you can find usefull.

1. Smartify

Smartify grew out of four friends’ enjoyment of visiting museums and encountering art. Inside every gilt frame and Perspex box, layers of meaning wait to be uncovered. Our mission is to enrich and inspire audiences by helping each object tell its story.

Founded in 2015, we’re committed to delivering the best mobile experience for art and culture lovers with cost-effective, reliable technology. We work with collections of all sizes improve the visitor experience on-site and at home; and deliver real business value that you can measure.

We understand the cultural sector and have spent years perfecting our technology which has been tried, tested and proven across leading museums, drawing millions of visitors each year.


2. Shazam for art


3. Artdex

This unique online platform sets out to create a new art paradigm, offering artists, collectors, and all art professionals a safe and equitable place to manage their art collections and portfolios.

The global ARTDEX community is virtually connected and able to showcase and promote their artwork or the work they admire with fellow artists and art lovers while inspiring and delighting art audiences worldwide



At heart, Arteïa is a technology company striving to innovate for the benefit of various art market actors. From collectors and artists, to galleries and wealth managers, we are looking for ways you can connect yourself and others with the art you love and to make your life easier in the process. Here are some of the questions we ask ourselves every day on this journey and the direction we traveled so far. If you are interested in any of this, feel free to contact us!


5. Art Passport

Wipe through captivating VRs of the world’s best art galleries and museums. Save your favourite exhibitions, creating your own portfolio of shows. Browse exhibitions NearMe, latest exhibitions, and purchase beautiful books & gallery publications from our Shop! New exhibitions uploaded daily, featuring established and up-and-coming artists, complete with individual works, exhibition texts and visiting information.




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