Nocturne Notes – Christopher Leeper

Janice K. Johnson

Nocturne Notes Christopher Leeper Night Wharf     14 x 18″     Acrylic     © Christopher Leeper   In our 2020 Voices of Experience interview with Christopher Leeper, we noted his facility with multiple mediums—watercolor, oil and acrylic. He has used all three mediums in his nocturnes as well, but says that acrylic seems […]

Nocturne Notes – Dan Mondloch

Janice K. Johnson

Nocturne Notes Dan Mondloch   Campfire Time               11 x 15″           Watercolor           © Don Mondloch    In a 2016 interview with The Artist’s Road, Dan Mondloch wrote, “When painting plein air, a lot of times I like to bite off way more than […]

Nocturne Notes – Jim McVicker

Janice K. Johnson

Nocturne Notes Jim McVicker Trinidad Nocturne     20 x 24″     Oil     © Jim McVicker    In our fascination with how the eye sees and then translates the world around us to our brains, we have found it particularly interesting to study how the eye sees at night. Search for the words […]

Nocturne Notes – Bryan Mark Taylor

Nocturne Notes Bryan Mark Taylor San Diego Sunset          30 x 30″     Oil     © Bryan Mark Taylor    Bryan Mark Taylor shared with us his paintings of cityscapes in twilight and nighttime lighting in our job interview with him here:  Voices of Working experience – Bryan Mark Taylor. He elaborated additional […]