Artists’ Gardens – George Van Hook

Janice K. Johnson

Inspiration Close at Hand Artists’ Gardens George Van Hook Iris          30 x 24″          Oil          © George Van Hook    In response to our “Inspiration Close at Hand” call for paintings created in artists’ gardens or other personal spaces, we […]

Climate Activists Soak van Gogh’s Sunflowers in Tomato Soup

Phoebe Plummer and Anna Holland, two young protesters affiliated with local weather-improve motion group Just End Oil, raised the consciousness of numerous and the blood force of some earlier nowadays when they sloshed tomato soup across the entrance of Vincent van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers at London’s Nationwide Gallery. Immediately thereafter, […]

ROYAL FLUSH Continues at Van Der Plas Gallery Showroom on the LES

On check out concurrently with LeCrue Eyebrows’ solo demonstrate at Van Der Plas Gallery is ROYAL FLUSH, a team exhibition showcasing delightfully intriguing artworks by ten remarkably creative artists. The massive mixed-media artwork showcased higher than, Numb, was fashioned by Clown Soldier, whose now-legendary signature character I initial encountered on NYC streets in […]