The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs by Noah Rubin


Noah Rubin, illus. by Tasia Prince. Chronicle, $16.99 (162p) ISBN 978-1-79721-293-7

“Connection, exploration, and lightheartedness are the most essential ingredients whatever or wherever you roll,” opines former rap producer Rubin in this spirited guide to finding one’s high. Complemented by punchy graphics from Prince, the book provides hands-on tutorials for 20 different joint-rolling styles—complete with hilarious asides from Rubin—from the classic joint (“Everybody starts somewhere,” he muses. “Mozart didn’t always play the piano”) or its “poetic” counterpart, the rose petal joint, to more elaborate creations like the “Triple Braid.” Along the way, Rubin offers tips on smoking etiquette (“Wetter kisses aren’t always better kisses”), teaches beginners how to discern if they’re too high, and takes readers on a trip around the world, unwrapping his research on the culture of cannabis in various countries, including Egypt (fun fact: elder Egyptians, Rubin shares, add hash to their hookahs “for a little extra kick”). To help skeptics open their minds, he cites the benefits of Mary Jane—from offering creative boosts to helping couples “overcome a variety of relatable relationship challenges.” Experienced tokers, meanwhile, will revel in his interviews with celebrity cannabis connoisseurs, including Wiz Khalifa and Tommy Chong, who admits it was Cheech who rolled the joints when they were together. Green and seasoned smokers alike will inhale this edgy endeavor. (Sept.)


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