Uphoria Brand New Game Changer Announces Initial Launch Date and Partnerships with Specific NFT Designers


UPHORIA, a brand-new game-changer to the metaverse has announced its launch date of March 30th, 2022. Uphoria is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art metaverse that will very quickly be leading the way in the new spectrum of VR meetings, shopping, entertainment, and gaming.

Uphoria is here to help businesses move into new realities and achieve maximum success by implementing interactive VR and AR solutions that will help accelerate not only their current business but give them the opportunity to grow into verticals and markets they never once thought possible. What separates Uphoria from current metaverse offerings is the realism and overall user-friendly interface. Xander Garrison, CEO of Uphoria started the development with the statement,” limitations are only set by your own mind, think outside the box as to what can be and will be.” Xander has used this as the statement he set forth in making Uphoira stand out even prior to development.

Uphoria was developed using the Unreal Engine, a game engine developed by Epic Games, first showcased in the 1998 first-person super game Unreal. Initially developed for PC first-person shooters, it has since been used in a variety of genres of three-dimensional (3D) games and has been quickly adopted by other industries, most notably the film and television industry. Written in C++, the Unreal Engine features a high degree of portability, supporting a wide range of desktop, mobile, console, and VR platforms. “We believe Uphoria will be the first platform to legitimize the metaverse realm and really open it up to development by massive outside companies around the world,” said Kenneth Lester, COO of Uphoria.

The development of the realm in which this world is created doesn’t simply stop at helping businesses develop, it will help society come together. Uphoria is designed to allow users to create, develop, and evolve the world. They will have the ability to decide what is added and taken out, along with the activities that are taking place within this metaverse. Much like the “real world” communities, Uphoria will have community centers for meetings, entertainment venues for music, comedy, theater, and much more. There will also be a huge NFT development aspect to the project. Uphoria is already in talks with some of the leading clothing designers around the world to develop NFT clothing that will be specific to Uphoria which the user will be able to use only with their avatar. An initial offering of exclusive properties has already been underway to reserve a property with the public launch on March 30th, 2022. “On a marketing front I believe that Uphoria has endless opportunities to promote a campaign that can start in the metaverse and from there into the user’s everyday lives,” said Matt Doolittle, Chief Media Officer.


Uphoria has set out on a mission to develop a world like no other by using an impressive pool of talent, crypto technology, and real-world design elements to create the world’s first full immersive environment. Created to allow businesses, entertainment, and community users alike to interact with each other to create a better tomorrow for everyone. Using nothing but the most innovative technology, Uphoria truly is the next step into the metaverse.

For more details join the community on TelegramTwitter, or visit https://www.uphoria.io/

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