Sebastiaan Knot | Using Light to Beautify a Given Space

About Sebastiaan Knot Sebastiaan Knot (b.1970) is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He uses light as his material to create contrasts of color and form, embellishing the given space. After a career as a photographer, graphic, and web designer, he established his photography studio, which […]

Mystery Zone, or A Lotta Endings

They lived happily ever after And then the sun came up And then the sun go down The couple is riding off into the sunset The End They threw a pie at the shark, the end “We’ll have to do this again sometime” “See ya later, turkey!” “I have a […]

Holger Drachmann – my daily art display

The Artist, the Poet, the Lover of Women. Holger Drachmann The subject of this week’s blog is the nineteenth century Danish poet, dramatist and painter Holger Drachmann. Holger Henrik Herholdt Drachmann was born on October 9th, 1846 in Copenhagen. He was the son of Andreas Drachmann and his wife Vilhelmine.  […]

Coming soon to SF: Bruce White’s “ICONS”

Spoke Art is ecstatic to be announcing our next exhibition in San Francisco, artist Bruce White‘s ICONS. Equipped with a fresh crop of velvet canvases, Bruce has created a collection of iconic portraits featuring champions of humanity and inclusivity.  From pop culture giants to politicians fighting for positive change, this exhibition […]

Interview with Lisa-Marie Price | Rise Art

“I want my paintings to make people think about their lives, what they consume, and how they live daily.” By Rise Art | 09 Aug 2022 Lisa-Marie Price has recently joined Rise Art, bringing her portfolio of  abstract, nature, landscape paintings to the platform. As an artist, painter and forager, […]

Two discoveries of medieval painting

Cimabue, Christ Mocked, c. 1280 This post has nothing to do with the art of medieval Hungary, but the information presented below is so fascinating that I decided to create a small post about it. New started circulating this week about the discovery of some spectacular medieval paintings, which had […]